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Dan Harvey | Co-Founder | Creative Producer
Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Film and Television
Australia | +61 (0) 432 905 610 |

Daniel Harvey is co-founder of Earthstory Productions, with 30 years of integrated media production experience.

His career has encompassed interpretive centres, film and television production, visual and digital effects including animation, digital interactives and game development, graphic production, photography, set design and fabrication of unusual props, miniature construction, robotics, sound, lighting and theatrette presentations.

For several years Daniel was Senior Visual/Digital Effects Producer on many Hollywood films such as Final Fantasy, Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget II and Ghost Ship for studios such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal.

Daniel has been the Creative Producer / Project Manager on more than 30 Visitor Attractions. He has been the Visual Effects Producer on 14 Feature Films, 132 broadcast series fantasy episodes and 20 television movies. Also Producer /Director on two broadcast documentaries, more than 50 corporate productions and numerous TVC’s. He has produced more than 30 broadcast current affairs segments and 24 children’s broadcast segments, and was the Production Designer/Art Director of 30+ high-end TVC’s and Production Manager of six high-end Korean TVCs.

He brings to the team his expertise in story telling and the creation of cutting edge entertainment.
Dene Waring | Co-Founder | Creative Director
New Zealand | +64 (0) 27 850 6013 |

Dene Waring is co-founder of Earthstory Productions, with over 30 years of Creative Direction across the full spectrum of visual and audio communications including concept, writing, design, 3D, web, print, motion graphics, interactive, interpretive and exhibition display, photography and advertising.

He has been the Creative Director of many Visitor Attractions, TVC’s, video games and print and multimedia advertising campaigns - and more recently, 360 3D virtual reality media.

Dene has vast experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients from French Coca-Cola to Australia's National Parks and Nepal's Export Board. He works internationally and was a founding partner of “Imag’in”, a French motion graphics and television studio, and was a consultant and creative director for French advertising and creative agency "Agence Cyclone" in New Caledonia.

He has also spent several years voyaging the South Pacific providing design, interpretive and promotional campaign consultation in New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia for many environmental and humanitarian projects with New York's Wildlife Conservation Society; U.K.'s Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society; New Caledonia's Secretariat of the Pacific Community; Tonga's Society for the Protection of Women and Children; NZ/Nigera's Books Without Borders; N.Z.'s Dept of Conservation; Royal Society of New Zealand; Save the Children; NZ Forest & Bird; Wellington Zoo; Adopt-a-Dolphin and many others.

The breadth and depth of his experience in traditional and new media and his lateral thinking abilities make him an inspiring director.

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