"Turtle Temple" walkthrough environment.

"Queensland tourism icon UnderWater World has opened its spectacular new $3.5M ocean tank and walk through attraction, which showcases over 50 species of fish, awe inspiring sharks, colourful corals and majestic sea turtles.

The 2.5 million litre ocean tank showcases a brilliant under the sea world across four exciting new themed zones, including Shark Shipwreck, Coral Cove, Bay of Rays and Turtle Temple - visitors to the new attraction will be taken on a journey through four intricately designed zones featuring stone totems and arches, shipwrecked submarines and ruined temples.

Turtle Temple, filled with the ruins of a Polynesian temple, houses recovering sea turtles of all species and sizes - the new zone will not only provide a wonderful transition environment for the animals, but also provide our visitors with educational information and tips on what can be done to help protect these endangered animals."

Earthstory provided underwater theming elements for Turtle Temple including a faux ‘ancient carved stone’ head - the mouth of which encircles the acrylic viewing tunnel - and various temple doors and faux bamboo gates as practical underwater barriers for curatorial control.

Earthstory's roles: